Last Updated: May 4, 2024

Arabic Mastery Through Questions and Answers: Unveiling Language Fundamentals (Part 1)

Learning Arabic Language using new amazing method, answers to frequently asked questions from students like you.

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Course Description

Welcome to “Learn Arabic Using the Q & A Method – Part 1,” a comprehensive language course designed to introduce you to the intricacies of Arabic through the engaging Questions and Answers (Q&A) approach. Led by expert instructor Haytham, this course is tailored for beginners seeking a clear understanding of Arabic fundamentals.

In this course, we address common queries such as the significance of short vowels, the role of word order, and the pronunciation variations of challenging letters like “جِيم.” Haytham navigates through these questions, providing in-depth explanations and demystifying concepts that often pose challenges to learners.

Through interactive lessons, you’ll explore the nuances of possession with the dual المُثَنَّـى, unravel the mystery behind the semi-sentence شِبْه الجُمْلَة, and clarify the nature of words like “مَعَ” – whether they function as nouns or prepositions.

Enroll now to embark on a language journey where questions lead the way, fostering a deep understanding of Arabic essentials. Let Haytham guide you through this immersive experience, making Arabic learning both enjoyable and effective.

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What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of this course, you will:

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of Arabic fundamentals through the dynamic Q&A learning method.

    Clarify the confusion surrounding vowels in Arabic, emphasizing their importance, especially at the end of words.

    Uncover the meaning of the word “نَحْو” and its significance in the Arabic language.

    Differentiate between variations in word order and understand its impact on Arabic sentence structure.

    Resolve pronunciation dilemmas, particularly related to challenging letters like “جِيم.”

    Explore the nuances of possession with the dual المُثَنَّـى, mastering its usage in different contexts.

    Demystify the concept of the semi-sentence شِبْه الجُمْلَة and confidently determine the nature of words like “مَعَ” – whether they function as nouns or prepositions.

Course Contents

Introducing the course
Is this course right for you?
Vowels in Arabic are confusing, can you explain it more?
Why short vowels are so important at the end of words?
What’s the meaning of the word “نَحْو” in Arabic language?

What’s the difference between أَصْدِقَاءَهُ - أَصْدِقَاؤُهُ - أَصْدِقَائِهِ “His Friends”
I have heard different pronunciation of the letter جِيم Which One is Correct?

Does the word order matter in Arabic language?
What is the small character I always see in some words like “But” in Arabic
How to Use Possession With the Dual المُثَنَّـى?
What is the Semi-Sentence شِبْه الجُمْلَة in Arabic Language?
I’m confused! Is the word مَعَ a noun or preposition?
Course Conclusion and what next.

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Haytham Ibrahim
Meet Haytham Ibrahim, Ph.D., a renowned expert in TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) and an accomplished entrepreneur. You may have already heard of him if you're interested in learning Arabic. Haytham is the mastermind behind the Real Arabic courses, which have already attracted over 50,000 students. He's also the founder of Aralingo LLC, among other thriving businesses. Join the many students who have benefited from Haytham's expertise and experience in the world of Arabic language learning.