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65 Fusha Courses

Including Arabic Grammar, Morphology and Rhetoric

51 Dialects Courses

Including Egyptian, Emirati, Qatari, Saudi and much more

15 Quranic Courses

Including Tajweed, Hadith and Tafseer and much more

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* You will get lifetime access to all
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* You'll get lifetime access to all current courses for one-time payment

  • 65 Fusha courses
  • 51 Dialects courses
  • 15 Quran courses

  • 5 invaluable bonuses
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  • Students’ community
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Secure Ordering

Buy with confidence, our credit card orders are handled by Stripe, an order processing company that handles sales for thousands of companies world-wide. Stripe offers a global payment system that can accept over 135 currencies. We accept Credit Cards and PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! For a limited time only, you can get full lifetime access to all courses for just $149 — The original price was $999 — you’ll have unlimited access to all 131 courses, which cover everything from beginner to advanced level in Arabic.

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Well, you will get FULL Lifetime Access to all 131 courses, plus 5 invaluable bonuses.
65 Modern Standard Arabic courses
51 Arabic Dialects courses
15 Qur’anic Arabic courses
Bonus #1: Arabic Success Secrets Revealed (300+ page eBook)
Bonus #2: The Arab Etiquette Secrets (250+ page eBook)
Bonus #3: Arabic Fluency Secrets Revealed (270+ page eBook)
Bonus #4: Pioneers Arabic Dictionary (350+ page eBook)
Bonus #5: Access to AnyArabic’s Audio Library

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Simple, once you purchase any of our 131 courses or the Entire Library or any of the Six Bundles, you will get instant access, and you can start learning instantly.

The payment for AnyArabic courses is one-time and non-recurring. Once a student makes a payment, they receive lifetime access to the purchased course or the entire library, depending on their choice.

This means that regardless of whether a student enrolls in one course or the entire library, they only need to make a single payment for unlimited access without any additional or recurring charges.

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your learning experience on AnyArabic, simply contact our support team within 30 days of your enrollment, and we will gladly refund your purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Certainly! When you log in to your AnyArabic account, you gain access to a vibrant students’ community. Under each lesson, you can post your comments or questions.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to engage with fellow students, sharing thoughts and experiences, fostering a rich and collaborative educational environment.

Absolutely! If you have any questions related to a lesson or any course, just post them in the students’ community.

Our dedicated instructor will promptly respond to your queries, ensuring you receive assistance when you need it most. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Certainly! AnyArabic platform is crafted to facilitate progress tracking for each course.

Our integrated reporting tools empower you to effortlessly monitor and track your advancement on any device – be it mobile, tablet, or PC – while still being able to track your progress. Your learning journey, your way!

Yes! The AnyArabic platform is designed to run seamlessly on any device, including mobiles.

This allows you the flexibility to learn on the go – whether you’re commuting or have a moment to spare. You can seamlessly switch between your mobile and PC, and rest assured, your progress syncs and saves automatically.

Learning on the AnyArabic platform is made convenient and adaptable to your lifestyle!

The duration of AnyArabic courses varies, ranging from a quick 3-hour crash course to more extensive 19-hour courses, we have many courses exceeding 12 hours. So, the choice is yours, depending on your schedule.

The flexibility of AnyArabic is designed to accommodate your schedule. Our platform allows you to learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

With automatic syncing and progress saving, you can seamlessly resume your learning journey from any device, ensuring a hassle-free experience regardless of your location.

Certainly! Each course comes with a well-structured curriculum, ensuring a seamless learning experience and facilitating easy course completion.

Explore the table of contents or curriculum for each course by visiting this link. Get a glimpse of what awaits you in your Arabic learning journey!

We’re so convinced that AnyArabic is the best platform in the world that we made it affordable to learn Arabic online as long as you want!

Explore the Incomparable Features:

Comprehensive Learning: Gain access to a diverse range of courses covering various aspects of the Arabic language, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. 

Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all courses, allowing you to learn at your own pace without any time constraints. 

Expert Instructors: Learn from qualified native Arab instructors, ensuring authentic language expertise and cultural insights. 

Extensive Content: Access over 100 Arabic courses with a library of more than 5000 video and audio lessons, providing a rich and immersive learning environment.

 One-Time Payment: Make a single payment for full access, eliminating any recurring fees and simplifying the enrollment process.

Affordable cost: We take pride in providing Arabic courses that are not just cost-effective but also comprehensive, engaging, and effective.

Student Support: Setting us apart from other platforms that merely sell courses and move on, we provide ongoing student service post-enrollment. That’s why we ensure there’s always a dedicated instructor available to assist you whenever you need help.

Vibrant Learning Environment: Gain access to the AnyArabic student community, a space where you can ask questions, comment, and exchange ideas with fellow learners.

Our platform consistently receives praise for its simplicity, outstanding student support, and a treasure trove of knowledge in our courses. Oh, by the way, we’re 10 times cheaper than other alternatives.

Whether you want to learn MSA, dialects, or Quranic Arabic, beginner or advanced with our 131 courses, we’ve got you covered!

It’s easy! You can use the search feature located on the left side of the page.

Simply click on 🔍 the red button, and a popup search box will appear. Type the topic you are searching for into the search box and hit “search.” You will then receive a list of courses that cover the topic you are looking for.

No. AnyArabic is a platform that provides Arabic online video courses. We designed it to eliminate the hassle of matching schedules between teachers and students who often live in different time zones, making consistency difficult.

With your AnyArabic account, you can access more than 100 Arabic courses and over 5,000 video and audio lessons created by native Arab instructors.

These resources are available on your laptop or mobile device, enabling you to learn on the go, anytime, anywhere.

If you have questions about a lesson, you can post them in our student community, where the course instructor will promptly provide answers. This approach saves you time and money while simplifying the process of learning Arabic.

Awesome! You can visit Student Help Center to find more answers to frequently asked questions. Alternatively, feel free to email your inquiries to our support team at: support [at] aralingo [dot] com. You can also chat with one of our support team via WhatsApp 💬 Live Chat. We typically reply in a few hours.