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The Arabic Conversation Course: Speak Arabic Fluently in Real-Life Situations.

Get full access to 11+ hours of video lessons and start learning conversational Arabic. Supercharge your Arabic speaking fluency and improve your Arabic vocabulary skills.

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Course Description

Welcome to the Arabic conversation course: Learning Arabic may seem difficult, but don’t worry – you’re not alone in feeling this way! Many students struggle to make progress in their Arabic speaking skills, even after months or years of study. However, if you’re determined to improve your skills, there are ways to make learning Arabic easier.

That’s where our comprehensive Arabic conversation course online comes in. This Arabic conversation course is designed specifically for beginners who want to become Arabic language masters. With our in-depth lessons and real-life conversational recordings, you’ll gain the confidence you need to speak Arabic in a variety of everyday situations.

Forget about the frustration and confusion you may have experienced in the past. Our course provides a clear, step-by-step approach to learning Arabic, with a focus on practical skills that you can use right away. You’ll learn to speak confidently about a range of topics, including travel, shopping, and socializing, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your speaking and listening skills.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience with Arabic conversation, The Arabic conversation course online will help you take your Arabic to the next level. So why wait? Sign up today and start your journey to becoming an Arabic language master!

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What Will I Learn?

  • In this Arabic course you will  learn:

    Greetings Galore: Discover seven ways to say “Hello” in Arabic, ranging from traditional greetings to more casual expressions. Navigate responses seamlessly for various situations.

    Expressing Thanks: Master seven distinct ways to convey gratitude in Arabic, from simple “Thank you” to expressions of deep appreciation. Learn appropriate responses for each.

    Apologizing with Grace: Explore four ways to say “Sorry” in Arabic, covering different levels of apology and learn phrases for specific situations, including disturbing someone.

    Politeness in Requests: Delve into the art of making requests politely with ten essential phrases. From simple requests to more nuanced expressions, students will gain the confidence to navigate diverse scenarios, and much more…

Course Contents

About Your Instructor
A Message from Haytham
How to get the most out of this course?

How to say, ‘Hello.’ (The basic form) with examples
How to say, ‘Peace be upon you.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Good morning.’ (Basic form) with examples
How to say, ‘Good evening.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Welcome.’ with examples
Improve your listening skills – Part 1 with examples

How to say, ‘Goodbye.’ with examples
How to say, ‘I wish you safety.’ with examples
How to say, ‘See you later.’ with examples
How to say, ‘May safety be with you.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Good night.’ with examples
Improve your listening skills – Part 2 with examples

How to say, ‘Thanks.’ The basic form with examples
How to say, ‘Thank you.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Thank you very much.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Thanks for…’ with examples
How to say, ‘Don’t mention it.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Don’t thank me.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Thank him/her/them for me.’ with examples
Improve your listening skills – Part 3 with examples

How to say, ‘Sorry.’ The basic form with examples
How to say, ‘I’m sorry.’ with examples
How to say ‘excuse me.’ with examples
How to say ‘it’s my bad.’ with examples
How to say ‘I sincerely apologize.’ with examples
How to say, ‘I refuse to apologize politely.’ with examples
How to say, ‘I’m not mistaken.’ with examples
Improve your listening skills – Part 4 with examples

How to say, ‘Please.’ — The basic form with examples
How to say, ‘Please, lit. if you allow.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Here you are.’ with examples
How to say, ‘Bring me…, please.’ with examples
How to say, please using the word رجاء with examples
Improve your listening skills – Part 5 with examples

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