Founder and CEO

Haytham Ibrahim, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, and he is highly qualified Arabic language lecturer and expert in TAFL ‎‎‎(Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language.)‎

Maybe if you are interested in learning Arabic language, you have come across his name ‎‎before.

He is the author of the Real Arabic courses, over 50,000 students already enrolled in his Arabic courses.

Haytham is running multiple successful businesses, Aralingo LLC. is one of them.

Created by Experts

AnyArabic team of linguists consists of specialized Arab native ‎content creators. AnyArabic contents quality is our main priority.‎

Our dedicated team of linguists is always working on figuring ‎out the best ways to learn Arabic language through proven ‎methods and with accordance to CEFR.

Learn Arabic faster

AnyArabic teaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral psychology and Arabic language learning science.

It is the best way to learn Arabic online, and moreover you can learn any Arabic including Modern standard Arabic, and Dialect and Quranic Arabic courses.

Go beyond basics

Compared to other courses, AnyArabic courses go above and beyond what ‎‎other courses offer.‎

AnyArabic platform helps you to learn the four Arabic language ‎skills ‎through well-developed courses and useful references.‎

AnyArabic courses help you to learn more about ‎Arab culture and ‎‎etiquette.‎

Stay on track

Staying motivated and remembering to study is the ‎biggest challenge to learn Arabic language.

AnyArabic online courses are designed with this in mind and sends you daily ‎customized messages to motivate you and to ‎remind you to practice your Arabic lessons.‎

After you complete each lesson, AnyArabic ‎provides you with customized progress ‎report showing your progress and what you have ‎learned.‎

Learn with confidence

The key to success is “Repeat and Succeed” and at AnyArabic we ‎know ‎that repetition is the key to reading, writing, ‎and speaking ‎Arabic language with confidence.‎

AnyArabic online courses and lessons are packed with audio version of each lesson, Arab etiquette and cultural references.‎

Learn Arabic on the go

AnyArabic platform is designed to work well with all mobiles! So you can practice on the way to ‎work, at the gym, in ‎bed or at lunch. AnyArabic online courses are your best ‎companion to learn Arabic language on the go.‎

AnyArabic courses make Arabic ‎learning on the go effortless with ‎support for all ‎Android/iOS devices.‎

All-in-one Platform

Unlike other platforms of its kind, AnyArabic is subscription-based and also you can enroll in any course of your choice. This means you will get in-depth learning on a range of courses, including accredited courses from universities, all for one price!

You will also be able learn all types of Arabic language including Modern Standard Arabic and Dialects and Quranic Arabic.